Our Trainers

Max Smirnov
Co-Owner and Head Coach

Max Smirnov, Co-Owner and Head Coach of Xceed, brings a combination of a positive, inspirational attitude and serious discipline to his teaching.

(514) 739-6818
Brina Lewin
Co-Owner and Director of Operations

Brina Lewin, Co-Owner and Director of Operations of Xceed, is a competitive ballroom dancer and long-standing client of her partner, Max.

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Sandrine (Sunny) Lavallee
Personal trainer

After earning her doctorate and working in higher education for 20 years, Sandrine recently resigned from her position as Professor of Education to be able to commit herself full time to her true passion of ļ¬tness and nutrition.

(514) 739-6818
Scott Berish
Performance Coach and Wellness Educator

Scott Berish is a performance coach and wellness educator. Most recently, Scott was a conditioning coach working with the French National Figure skating team at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics.

(514) 739-6818