Nutritional Plans

Nutritional Plans with Follow-Up & Body Fat Assessments:

At Xceed Fitness Culture we provide a safe and private environment where you can communicate your dietary needs and goals. After an in depth evaluation and proper body assessments using the InBody Scan, we then develop nutritional food plans to help you achieve these goals. Meal plans are individually designed to meet your specific requirements. They are tailored to match your particular caloric needs, activity level, and macronutrient split. This is based on body type, fitness goals, and nutrient timing. We will schedule regular follow ups in order to create accountability and to maintain a long-term lifestyle change.

The InBody scan is a medical-grade body composition analyzer. InBody uses a Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) which are small alternating currents that are sent through the body and measure the different resistance of what makes up the body: water, muscle, and fat. The InBody is able to differentiate these and provides an accurate body composition analysis that is quick, easy, precise, and non-invasive. The results help you understand where fat, muscle, and body levels are at and act as a guide to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Proper meal plans are not necessarily about attaining a specific weight. They are more about improving healthy eating patterns and adapting your lifestyle, thus leading to overall better health and an improved body composition. These long term changes are the key to staying on track.

Key advantages to our Healthy Nutritional Plans are:

  • Promote safe and consistent weight loss
  • Building muscle mass resulting in more power and endurance
  • Lowering cholesterol and risk of heart disease
  • Boosting energy


InBody Scan $50
InBody Scan 10 Pack $300
InBody Scan with Meal Plan. No follow-up $100
InBody Scan with Meal Plan + Individual Training Assessment with Program $190
Meal Plan Option 1
– InBody Scan + Custom Meal Plan
– Bi-weekly Scan and Evaluation with Meal Plan adjustments
$140 per month ($35/week)
Meal Plan Option 2
– InBody Scan + Custom Meal Plan
– Bi-weekly Scan and Evaluation with Meal Plan adjustments
– Customized Training Program
$200 per month ($50/week)

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