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Our group classes provide a fast-paced energetic workout environment with unique energy and proper certified instruction. Styled classes target alternating parts of the body helping you build different muscle groups. Our experienced instructors give specific personalized coaching within the class to perfect your form. You will be strongly encouraged to push yourself beyond your perceived limitations. These fun & dynamic classes are energetic and inspiring and are conducted in an effective and safe format. Exercises will be adapted to accommodate differing levels of experience ranging from beginner to advanced. The workouts are designed to include warm-up, muscle activation, high intensity, cool-down and proper flexibility and stretch.

Our boxing group classes teach basic boxing skills and techniques and are designed to increase muscular strength and cardio endurance…the perfect method to burn calories!  These workouts include basic boxing combinations, cardio calisthenics, shadow boxing and core strengthening exercises. You will sweat like crazy and build rock solid arms and core.  Exercises are adjusted to meet participants’ varying fitness levels. 

All exercises will be tailored to accommodate any injuries you may have, keeping you safe and injury free!


We offer a unique training experience with individualized programs specific to your needs and goals.

Multi-Client Training

We offer a unique semi-private training experience with individualized program specific to your needs and goals.

Nutritional Plans

At Xceed Fitness Culture we provide a safe and private environment where you can communicate your dietary needs and goals.



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